Specialty Stills

These meads take traditional mead to the next level by adding fruits, herbs, spices, and botanicals. Each of our specialty meads are carefully formulated to bring out the honey character while balancing the additional flavors.

Bounty a Barrel Aged Cyser Mead


Eight months of aging in spirit-barrels delivers depth and warmth to this silky smooth blend of dark organic tropical honey and great northern heirloom apples. We took years to perfect this mead. So take your time, unwind and enjoy this bounty.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% ABV
Limited Availability, 500ml Bottle

A Bottle of Broken Crown Raspberry Chipotle Pepper Fruit and Spice Mead


An unexpectedly savoury mead, Broken Crown combines smoked chipotle peppers with raspberry, resulting in an off-dry mead with bourbon-like qualities, a mild pepperiness, and a subtle raspberry aroma.

Alcohol Content: 12.2% ABV
Limited Availability, 500ml Bottle                                                       Bronze Medal, Mazer Cup 2016



Orange Blossom Traditional Sweet Mead in the Dwojniak style. Aged three years, this opulent mead begins with rich aromas of golden sultanas and gingersnap. At first sip, catch the hints of graham cracker and subtle lime zest. This velvety giant is sure to impress.

Alcohol Content: 13.5% ABV
Available Only at The Hive, 500ml Bottle

A Bottle of Wildfire Spiced Mead - Metheglin


Pure blue agave nectar and rich desert blossom honey combine with a zesty shot of lime to deliver the perfect sweet and sour combination.

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV
Year Round, 500ml Bottle



Wildfire is a spiced mead flavored with cinnamon, peppermint, hibiscus, and eleven other herbs and spices. A unique drink for holiday parties, Wildfire also tastes great warmed up.

Alcohol Content: 13.5% ABV
Sold Out - Returning Fall 2017, 500ml Bottle                                        Gold Medal, Mazer Cup 2017

A bottle of Melissa Pyment Mead


Melissa is made with a blend of honey and premium red wine grapes. Bold cherry and strawberry accents mingle with the rich honey character for an unforgettable experience.

15% ABV Sweet
Sold Out - Late 2017, 500ml Bottle

Gold Medal, Mazer Cup 2017

A Bottle of OM Pyment Mead with Silver Medal Award


Aromas of cocoa, citrus, plum, and orange blossom honey harmonize perfectly with flavors of the orange muscat grapes.

14.5% ABV Sweet 
Limited Availability, 500ml Bottle

Silver Medal, Mazer Cup 2016

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