Traditional Stills

These traditional style meads are crafted from single blossom honey, water and yeast. Each offers a distinctive flavor profile that exhibits the best characteristics of the honey. Smooth and ranging from dry to sweet, these wine-like meads are excellent with a meal or as an after-dinner drink.


Blackberry Blossom

Dry and extremely drinkable, Blackberry Blossom carries notes of lavender, date, and hazelnut. With an unexpected candy-like finish, this is a great introductory mead for those wanting something on the drier end of the spectrum.

Dry 12.5% ABV Traditional Mead
While it Lasts, 500ml Bottle


Huajilla [Wa-he-ya]

Our Texas traditional mead, Huajilla [wa-he-ya] showcases honey from the Southwest Texas desert. Carrying notes of citrus, apple, and a hint of spice, this balanced mead has been known to convert non-mead drinkers with just one taste.

13.2% ABV Semi-Sweet Traditional Mead
Year-round, 500ml Bottle



A unique and surprising mead with rare honey sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Meadowfoam has distinctive notes of toasted marshmallow and cotton candy. Sweet without being cloying, this mead makes an excellent after-dinner drink.

13.8% ABV Sweet Traditional Mead
Until Sold Out, 500ml Bottle

Bronze Medal, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, 2015
Gold Medal, Mazer Cup 2016

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Fireweed Blossom

With an intense floral character that lingers pleasantly in the nostrils, Fireweed carries notes of honeysuckle and hazelnut with a confectionery, crème-brulee finish.

13.5% ABV Semi-Sweet Traditional Mead



Oaky and dry with bourbon characteristics, our award-winning Sage mead has a mildly nutty finish. Complex, earthy, and crafted with rare black button sage honey, you won’t find another mead quite like this.

12.8% ABV Dry Traditional Mead

Silver Medal, Mazer Cup 2014