meridian hive makes The Mazer Cup, just

As the Mazer Cup weekend approached, the team arrived in Denver a couple of days early to prepare for meetings with potential distributors, visit and sample products to potential customers, do some sight seeing and visit with old friends. All of those things were going according plan until, out of the blue, we got a call from the Mazer Cup staff at 3:15 PM on Thursday (the day before the judging started) - our entries had not arrived at the competition venue.

A few of us happened to be in the area where the product was supposed to be shipped in Denver. We raced over to Elite Brands (the Mazer Cup receiving company) to pick up the entries and hand deliver them to the Mazer Cup staff. When we arrived, we were greeted by Miles, who told us that our boxes were nowhere to be found. Panic set in. We immediately shifted into Magnum P.I. mode.

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Our first clue was a shipping document from Eric that showed delivery 4 weeks earlier to Elite Brand's address and signed by Raymundo. Miles assured us that no one named Raymundo worked at Elite and panic levels jumped a few notches higher. Miles joined in to continue our investigation by calling the shipping company to attempt to get to the bottom of the misplaced delivery. This yielded no results.

Continuing our investigation, Mike decided to walk the industrial row of businesses next to Elite Brands (a long shot at best, but what else could we do?). Low and behold, the business next door did indeed have an employee named Raymundo, but he was certain that no deliveries had been made that didn't belong to them. After some coaxing, they let us roam around their warehouse of drywall and building supplies. We were just about to give up, when I saw a pile of boxes near the entrance. I led the warehouseman to the boxes and started to explain that the missing boxes were very similar to the size of the boxes in the pile. When I started to uncover the boxes in question, I saw our labels "Samples Only. Not for Resale" taped on the top of the boxes.

Angels sang from above and my heart jumped, we had found our missing entries, and just in the nick of time. A huge thanks goes to Miles at Elite Brands for taking his time to help out out, searching his warehouse, calling the shipping company and even coming over to the neighboring warehouse to join the search. What a great guy. A final thanks to Wayne from the Mazer Cup team for picking up the entries and getting them back to the venue on time.

Lesson Learned: Double check with the receiver to ensure your entries made it, even if Raymundo signs for them!

So was it worth it? All the time spent, the panic and being late for an engagement with friends? Find out in an upcoming future post.


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Cayce Rivers is the head of Finance, Sales and Marketing for Meridian Hive. While not technically qualified to handle any of those areas, his 20 plus years in the corporate world provides a wealth of ammunition to allow him to fake his way through most of it. He brings a balance of extraordinary vision, sharp focus and practicality to help the team reach seemingly unachievable goals.