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Top 5 Things to Look for in Your Mead

Whether you're tasting your buddy's home-brew or trying out the latest release from your favorite meadery, look for the following characteristics of a great mead.

1. Balance - Meads can be made with a wide range of alcohol content, sweetness levels, acidity and tannins. Regardless of the level of any of those, a great mead must have balance across all components. No single element should be overly conspicuous or dominate the flavor profile.

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2. Aroma - you should find a pleasant and inviting aroma that is not dominated by an overly strong alcohol smell.

3. Sense Transition - The mead should have sufficient complexity to guide your sense of smell and taste. Similar to balance above, the transition must be continuous and smooth with the aromas providing a roadmap to the flavors inside.

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4. Drinkability - Whether seeking out a refreshing draft or a complex and rich still, a great mead will leave you wanting another glass after you finish.

5. Enjoyment - whatever mead you try tonight, it can only be great if it leaves you with a smile on your face.

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The Hive goes To The Festival

The last few weeks have been very crazy, exciting and busy for all of us here at The Hive!!

Angi And Mike at Shelton Fest 2017.jpeg

Launching Houston with Favorite Brands, a huge turnout for National Mead Day, installing Thelma & Louise (our new fermentation tanks) and attending "The Festival" presented by Shelton Brothers in Atlanta. Mike and I were the two lucky bees that went!

The Festival weekend kicked off with a Welcome Dinner for industry professionals on Thursday night at Comet Lanes. Unlimited bowling, food and tasty local brews made it easy to connect with fellow craft-makers, to gather, share ideas, inspire each other, and work together to propagate the “not just another beer fest” movement.

Friday and Saturday were designated for the actual Festival. Each day had a VIP session followed by General Admission. An additional Industry Session on Saturday morning prior to the VIP made for a couple of long days. I can’t believe how fast it all went by. 

So many happy faces, so many meads poured, amazing beers, ciders and meads drank, contacts exchanged, old friends re-connected and new friends made. I can truly say we had a great and successful time!

Now back in Austin, my voice still somewhere between here and Atlanta, I slowly start to realize how incredible the fest was. My biggest fear going in was "in this [sour] beer dominant world, can our meads satisfy the crowd in a line up that included many of the finest brews in the world? Will we get any interest at all?" I am extremely happy and proud to say that we did fit in, and I dare say we stood out!

Angi And Mike At Shelton Fest 2017_2.jpeg

We received some great comments, such as..."Mead in a can? How cool!”; “Oh, this is different than what I expected"; "Wow, your meads are delicious" and “Thank you for the great tasting experience”. We had an absolute blast sharing our modern mead with everyone we met.

Thank you Shelton Brothers for putting The Festival together, thank you Atlanta for hosting and last but not least thanks to my Hive family for “making” me go. 😃