New Distributor Questionnaire

Meridian Hive is very proud of our products. We have built a solid following and continue to grow in our home markets. As we expand into new markets, it is imperative that we partner with likeminded companies to grow our brand. Because we bring a unique and artisanal product into the market, we strive to ensure that our distribution partners not only understand our products, but also are excited and committed to work together to bring our modern mead to the masses.

Please provide the following information to help us determine a potential fit for a future partnership.

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Existing Operations
E.g., Territory, on / off premise, division by beer, cider, mead, wine, etc.
If Chain stores are a major part of your market, describe your penetration (# of brands, # of stores). Which chains are you in?
E.g., What metrics to you measure, what incentives do you use, do you have quotas for $ sales and/ or # of new customers, etc.
Brand Launch and Management
E.g., initial strategy & goals followed up with quarterly meetings, etc.
This can be in Sales revenue $ or in case equivalents...
Do you use brand reps? Do you outsource this? How do you ensure quality control of demo staff?
Next Steps
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your business and your approach to help us become a significant brand in your portfolio?
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Contact phone number
Contact phone number
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