Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Seating & Ordering
    When you come into the Tasting Room please seat yourself wherever you like. Drink orders are placed at the bar.

  2. Can I make reservations?
    Reservations cannot be made during our Tasting Room hours. We will take private groups for tours and tastings by appointment only. One week’s noticed is required to arrange staff. To arrange a private tour, or event, please contact us.

  3. Can I get a tour of the meadery?
    Sure! We offer public tours during Tasting Room Hours: Saturday 2pm to 7pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. If you’d like a private or more in-depth tour – please contact us for an appointment. Our Tasting Room is located in our warehouse, so those less interested in the details can still see where all of our product is made just by visiting.

  4. Can I bring my pet to the Tasting Room?
    Yes, and no. With the exception of service dogs, no animals are allowed inside the meadery or tasting room. This is a health code violation. We do, however, allow dogs at our front picnic table area, and in back of our warehouse. Dogs must be on a leash. There’s limited potty-area in front of the building – please bring bags.

  5. Can I bring my under 21 friend to the Tasting Room?
    People of all ages are welcome to come in to the meadery and tasting room. We have 30-40 different honeys to try, including the honey that goes into our mead! We also have a small children’s table with crayons and coloring.

  6. Do you sell any honey?
    Currently, no. We do have 30-40 local and global honey varieties you can taste for free at our Tasting Room.

  7. Are there food options in the Tasting Room?
    Yes, we offer a meat & cheese board and pita & hummus plate or you can bring in outside food. Additionally please check ahead if you’re here for a special event as we often bring in a food truck.

  8. Can I drink my growler in the Tasting Room?
    No to-go beverages are allowed to be consumed on premises. This includes growlers and bottles.

  9. Can I purchase a keg for my wedding/private event?
    Yes, we sell kegs for private events. Find all the information you need and fill out your order form here.

  10. Where can I find Meridian Hive mead near me?
    We currently distribute to the following areas in Texas: the greater Austin area, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth. We also distribute 8 other states including (Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee).
    - We continue to expand to new states every month; follow us on social media to keep updated. See a detailed listing of our permanent bottle and draft accounts on our Mead Finder page.

  11. I can’t get Meridian Hive mead where I live. Can you ship some to me?
    Sure! We are able to ship certain products throughout Texas and to select states through Visit our page to see the current availability.