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MEAD: the Return of the sweet ancient flavor

Let's say somebody is a beginner to mead, what ones should they buy to start getting a taste for it?

I’d liken any list like this to the early DJ’s in the pre-hip hop scene who had their own crates of records that helped them create their own unique sound. This list is never comprehensive or complete, just a point in time where what is on it can be used to explore the diversity in mead.

Meridan Hive from Austin Texas – MH makes some delicious sessionable meads that are a great point of reference for this style. Try Haven, a peach and ginger session mead. here...READ MORE

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Come for SXSW Stay For The Booze

Austin’s hipster cachet is being greased by a craft liquor boom. To the probable delight of revelers attending this year's annual South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, craft distilleries are becoming a growing feature of urban culture....READ MORE

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Event Recap | 5th Annual The Shelton Brothers Festival

There are typically two responses when the Shelton Brothers are mentioned, either a person has never heard of them, or—if you’re like me—you thank the beer gods they exist. This specific festival has been around five years, and I dare to say, ATL probably hosted the best one yet...READ MORE

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getting the most out of mead

Honey mead dates back to the dawn of civilization, but there is nothing antiquated about its place in the modern bar or restaurant. Mead can be served on draft like beer or from a bottle. It can be mixed into cocktails, and it pairs well with...READ MORE

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Six fruit meads to try right now

Today’s mead makers utilize a variety of fruits to imbue their creations with color and flavor, so there’s no wanting for selection. Grab these six melomels while they’re in season...READ MORE

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Draft Mag

Seasonal sipping: A need for mead

Guess which alcoholic beverage is the fastest growing in the country, boasting a huge 150 percent leap last year? Not craft beer. Not small-batch whiskey. Not cider...READ MORE

Bourbon Barrel and Brew menu

Draft mag

Is mead barrel-aging the next big thing in beer?

Mead-makers have begun to age more of their creations inside oak, opening up a whole new world of flavor possibilities for brewers...READ MORE

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A (Sweet) Lesson on Fermented Honey With The Hive

Meridian Hive is Austin’s first (and only) meadery and they’re a refreshing addition to this city of Craft Beer drinkers. They are leading a reinvention of mead and pushing boundaries with their carbonated mead and barrel aged stills...READ MORE


The austin chronicle

11 Local Substitutes to Beer and Wine

We're not saying that Merlot is meh or that beer is blasé, but the long days ahead are too long and hot for our usual full-bodied booze. And one can only chug so much Tecate and pickle-flavored Twang before needing something a little different. Besides, a whole slew of local beverage companies are doing their part to make sure we have options...READ MORE

Meridian Hive Rhapsody Sparkling Mead in a Can and glass


Meridian Hive Rhapsody Draft Mead

I was sent a handful of products from the good folks from Texas, both draft style and traditional mead, so there will be more Meridian Hive reviews coming down the line. Because it was the only one I got two of, the first one I tried was the Rhapsody.
Here’s what they have to say about it...READ MORE

2016 Mazer Cup Medals awarded to Meridian Hive



Austin, TX – Meridian Hive, Austin’s only meadery, came home with a 5-medals from the world’s largest international mead competition – The Mazer Cup International, held in Denver, Colorado in March. Meridian Hive’s 2016 awards include a Gold, Silver, and three Bronze medals. This comes on the heels of medal wins in 2014 and 2015...READ MORE

Tastings Rating 91 points for Meridian Hive Bounty


Meridian Hive 2014 "Bounty" Mead Top rated for Sack

Bright light amber color. Umami aromas and flavors of soy marinated mushrooms, suede, clay and crayon, and fig paste with a round, soft, dryish medium body and a warming, complex, long fleur de sel, reduced nectarines, peppery spices, and roasted almonds finish. A rich, warming barrel-aged mead that drinks like a Palo Cortado Sherry...READ MORE

Cider Scene review Meridian Hive Haven Draft Mead


Meridian Hive Haven Review

Being a cider blog in the US opens you up to some great brands and ciders, but our lesser know friend, mead, does not have a place to shine (as much).  So, we are taking it upon ourselves to help mead get its time in the spotlight. If you need a refresher on mead, we have all the info here...READ MORE